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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Air Today

First 2:  smoke worse than yesterday
Not much to say (as if there's ever) about this morning's hike; we did the same trek as yesterday, and we inhaled a lot of smoke.  The air was much worse today.

We ran into nary a critter during our outing; all, undoubtedly, having the good sense to stay out of the heat and smoke.  Heelers had the smarts to take many shade breaks, and I accommodated them.

I love getting out for our morning treks in the desert, but when conditions are as dire as they were today I can't wait for the hike to end.  At one point this morning I told the Heelers, "Let's get this hike over with as soon as possible."


Soaptree Yucca, mesquite tree and moon

This & next:  same Soaptree Yucca as above

Desert Willow near the Tellbrook Arroyo

Three fliers through the smoke

Yucca shade break

Long view toward Tortugas Mountain

This & next:  our favorite Torrey Yucca

Willow and Frio

Almost a blossom

Yellow sap oozing out of Prickly Pear pad

Deadwood in Right Branch Arroyo

Organ Mountains are back there


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Air Quality: Poor

White-winged Dove
Doppler Dave Spielman, meteorologist at KVIA (ABC) in El Paso, said we'd have smoke from the fire in the Black Range today, and did we ever; the air quality was very poor when Willow, Frio and I set off on our morning exploration.  For a while I was coughing from a pinching feeling in my throat.

We did our normal trek this morning, and, because of the bad air, I couldn't wait to finish it.

After the hike we drove down to our local post office to mail a few bills.  The air didn't look much better during our drive; and, now, in the late morning, the sun is shining through smoky haze in the most anemic fashion.

Smoke from the Black Range Fire in the Gila Wilderness

Pimento Olive plant

Ocotillo flower

Standing in yucca shade

New and the old

Across the desert floor

Frio and Willow

Smoke from the Aldo Leopold Wilderness fire

The rest:  Desert Willow in our yard


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bad Outing

Break in LDR-A arroyo
This morning we had hiked all the way up Left Branch Arroyo and had begun to make our way over to the middle branch when I noticed a guy with a dog coming down from the left branch head.  Neither of the Heelers saw them at first, but then Frio picked up on their presence.

Then Willow saw them.  When the guy's dog--which seemed friendly--approached, all heck broke loose from my hounds from hell.  There was yelping, barking, whining, whimpering and barking again.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, incredible pulling on leads.  Fortunately the man called his canine away, and my dogs finally settled down.

I really haven't made any headway in training my over-reactive Heelers, especially Willow, who goes ballistic in the presence of other dogs.  She was a nightmare when we took them to the vet last week for their rattlesnake vaccinations.  Got to figure something out to get them under control.

Lone bloomer

This & next 2:  Jackrabbit we had the pleasure to meet

Soaptree Yucca blooming

Swainson's Hawk was back after a few days away

Me and my shadow

This & next 2:  hope springs eternal

This & next 2:  3 minor variations of the same view

Where water flows in the desert

Is he still there?

Willow and Frio

Last 3:  Mexican Palo Verde (Parkinsonia aculeata)


Air Today

First 2:  smoke worse than yesterday Not much to say (as if there's ever) about this morning's hike; we did the same trek as yesterd...