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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Same Distance

Yucca stalk and its snake shadow
We did our usual hike this morning, but left out the trek down the middle branch of the new arroyo; that omitted section didn't affect the length of the outing, however, because we went both up and down the left branch before getting back to the intersection with the right branch.

Both Willow and Frio were really well behaved today, neither getting overly excited about the jackrabbit we encountered down near the east/west cross trail; additionally they didn't overreact when we saw people walking dogs on our drive back home.

Good Heelers!

Heelers headed down LDR-A arroyo

Distant yuccas

Impatient Pyrrhuloxia paused for only one pic

Long view of yuccas in bloom

Willow and Frio

Green growth on purple pad

Willow and Frio at rest in the right branch arroyo

Morning moon

Black-throated Sparrow on Ocotillo buds

Mormon Tea, female plant

This & next:  B&W and color images

This & next:  Torrey Yuccas in bloom on a hill

This & next:  Ocotillo buds and one blooming flower


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I really like that last photo, the close-up of the Ocotillo buds.

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