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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Pretty Near Cold

Fog or low-hanging clouds?
It was 47F when Becca and I left for the mountain this morning.  Yesterday afternoon we got rain, and it was quite humid throughout the night.  But we didn't expect to have fog greet us when we got out there today.  A persistent breeze that occasionally gusted into a wind brought the fog in and then pushed it out.  Halfway through the trek the fog and low-hanging clouds were nearly gone, and it became sunny and windy.  It's still windy now, but only a bit chilly.  This morning it was almost cold, and for the first time in ages I wore long hiking trousers for our morning jaunt.
Looks like low-hanging clouds

Fog starting to roll in to the higher elevations

Definitely fog

Foggy Chihuahuan Desert

Having a blast

Odd sight:  fog seems to be forming a rainbow of sorts.  Fogbow?

3 images almost the same

Couldn't decide which of the 3 I liked better

Perhaps this one

4 shots of a peculiar spider web

The way out of here

Misty remnants of fog

Talk about getting ahead of the pack

Low-hanging clouds here

Fog and low-hanging clouds here

This and the next 5: same late-blooming Ocotillo

West side of Tortugas Mountain

Different camera setting

Feather Dalea blooming again

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the spider web, Packrat. I'm sure Becca really appreciates the colder weather.

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