Monday, March 20, 2017

Clean Choppers

See that yucca on the horizon at center?
Although Becca and I got a really early start on our trek this morning I had to cut the hike a bit short due to a dentisti's appointment:  time for my semiannual teeth cleaning.  After the hygienist finished the dentist came in, examined my ivories (I wish), and said, "Good checkup!"  Then I was released to come home, eat lunch and post this fascinating blog entry, all the while enjoying the feel of my clean choppers.
This is it from the same position, telephoto zoom

Becca and the inverted spur

Reaching the upper foothills

How's this for camouflage?

Same Cactus Wren

Claret Cup flowers and buds

Claret Cups

Count the buds to determine how many more flowers will bloom

Is that little green bee eating coleslaw?

Two birds with one shot (Cactus Wren and White-winged Dove)

The undulating Chihuahuan Desert

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Dr. K said...

An amazing number of pretty orange-red claret cup blooms on that single cactus.