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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Change on the Horizon

Alongside LDR-A
Early Sunday morning hike up to Second Arroyo, east in the arroyo to a shady spot for a water break, and then a short bushwhack over to First Arroyo to start the trek back.

We saw some fellow explorers out there this morning, but only from a great distance.  As we approached the Tellbrook Arroyo a guy with two dogs on leads appeared from the west and headed up LDR to the high flatland.

We chose to return via LDR-A, a slightly longer route to the heights.  The man with the dogs was nowhere to be seen when we got up there, though we spotted him walking his pups down Tellbrook when we were driving home.

This and the next:  long view of Tortugas and the Organs


Willow and Frio

A smiling Frio

Another long view

This & the next 2: bushwhacking from Second to First Arroyo

First Arroyo

This and the next:  views from First Arroyo

Organ Mountains from LDR-A


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Dr. K said...

Really good photos, Packrat. I like the different cloud formations in the blue sky.

Bushwhack, Etc.

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