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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Monte Vista Morning Hike

Cloud snaking over the Organs
When Becca and I drove past the Sunset side of Tortugas Mountain early this morning several cars ahead of us were pulling in; the parking lot and sides of the entrance road were already loaded with vehicles.  I don't know what was going on, but I was glad we were heading for the Monte Vista side of the mountain.  Zero cars in the parking lot there, and during our trek we saw only distant mountain bikers--who Becca spotted from about two miles away--and two hikers on the loop trail who were back where we had been a half hour earlier.  There were four or five vehicles in the parking lot when we reached the spot along the entrance road where I always park Whitey so as to avoid unnecessary interaction with other outdoor enthusiasts.  All we had to do was wave to a few people who were driving in when we were getting ready to drive out.  Well, I waved, Becca just looked on in mild interest.
That shadow


Contrails and rock outcrops

Yuccas on the slope of Tortugas Mountain

Village of Talavera

Gaucho hat on the Organs?

The way we came

I guess these clouds over the mountains fascinated me


Torrey Yuccas on the south slope of Tortugas

Boulders that have rolled down from the mountain

Good trail to take

Becca leading the way

Still in the lead

Little yucca forest

Becca on break

Backlit yucca and the trail

What do those clouds say about the wind?

Becca southeast of Tortugas Mountain

Organ Mountains

Contrails over Tortugas Mountain

Closer look

Two trails diverged in a desert spot

Head of a sleeping baboon?

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Unknown said...

Nice photo of the village of Talavera, an ever-growing development.

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