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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Monte Vista GPS

Two GPS tracks from our morning hike
It was awfully windy and cold when Becca and I set off on our morning trek on the far side of Tortugas Mountain.  Even though I had dressed appropriately it was one of those times when the wind just battered us all to hell.  I can't speak for Becca (well, yes I can), but I felt as if we'd hiked twice as far because of the weather conditions.

There was only a camper van in the Monte Vista parking lot when we got there, and only one additional vehicle when we got back.  When we were on the final leg of our trek we saw a guy hiking with two dogs; he and a man running with his dog who we spotted earlier were the only outdoor enthusiasts we saw out there this morning.

There are mountains out there

Becca trekking in the bracing cold


Moon/mountain in B&W

Poor photo of Lyreleaf Jewelflowers

Clouds pressing down on the Organs

Last night's rain deposited snow on the Organ Mountains

Snow on the Organs

Organ Mountains in snow

More moon

Even more moon

Snow pretty low down on the mountains

Yucca and Becca

Never did see what she was staring at

Snow on the Organs

There's a moon out today

Two equally poor shots


More snow pics

Moon disappearing behind Tortugas

This and the next 2:  Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I really like the photo "Moon Disappearing Behind Tortugas." The snow-capped mountains were beautiful this morning.

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