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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cloudcroft Day 11(b)

Some horses out to pasture along the Rio Penasco road.

Hey--I like this better than hay.

Who had the most fun on our hike today?

Another beautiful meadow.

Remnants of an old railroad trestle on the Willie White Trail.

Cloudcroft Day 11(a)

There were countless meadows on this hike, filled with glorious wildflowers.

I have never seen this flower, nor do I know what it is. Any experts out there?

A little mountain dew.

Here's another spectacular flower whose identity I don't know.

Thistley Tython and family.

Cloudcroft Day 11

Our last hike on our Cloudcroft vacation was on the Willie White Trail (T 113) out of Bluff Springs. This is the view greeting you from the trail head.

A small waterfall greets you at Bluff Spring.

You cross a small footbridge over a running stream.

Becca used this opportunity to test her highest gear.

This is how she looked after running full bore.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cloudcroft Day 10(b)

A field of wildflowers, Dr. K included.

Another outstanding view.

Sunflowers. (Probably Leafy Arnica.)

The Old Highway Trail.

Views galore.

Cloudcroft Day 10(a)

Focus on white flowers on this morning's hike.

We hiked the Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail, and it's hard to imagine that people actually drove from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft on this single-lane track.

A map kiosk at the junction of the Old Highway Trail and the Crossover Trail.

Mighty big pines lining the sides of the Crossover Trail.

Another white flower, as yet unidentified.

Cloudcroft Day 10

A look at Daisy's Lodge, the cabin we rented in Cloudcroft.

Another look at the cabin and its satellite dish.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloudcroft Day 9(c)

Off the highway between Timberon and Sunspot, we came upon these horses grazing.

This white baby hasn't missed a meal.

These fine specimens look in good shape.

Cloudcroft Day 9(b)

Packrat's sheer strength is on display.

Becca looks down the Apple Tree Canyon Trail.
The desert below.
A view from the sky island.

Another fantastic--and, as yet, unidentified--flower.

Cloudcroft Day 9(a)

We have yet to identify this spectacular purple flower.
View from on high.
Dr. K at lunch.
Another awesome view.

Packrat and Becca at the lunch log.

Cloudcroft Day 9

We hiked the Apple Tree Canyon Trails 1 (T 5601) and 2 (T 116) this morning, and it was the best trek we've had so far. Here Dr. K and Becca take a lunch break.

The views at a lookout 2.6 miles up the steep trail were worth the effort.

Aspen groves were everywhere.
T 5601.

A Mexican Hat we discovered along the way.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cloudcroft Day 8(a)

There are so many different wildlfowers in the area, it's hard to identify all of them.
Yet another unidentified beauty.

The different mammals present in the Sacramento Mountains appear on this sign.
Another spectacular vista from the Trestle Trail.

Looks like a rose, but I'm betting it isn't one.

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