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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Less Than Half the Fun

Starting up Tortugas Mountain
Becca is out of circulation because of her sprained leg so I did a trek on my own this morning; as indicated in today's blog title a hike without Becca is not nearly as much fun.  I parked in the Sunset Area lot and climbed partially up the mountain, choosing to traverse Tortugas's northern flank on the single-track trail.  The weather was dynamic so I got some good images.  Heading east it seemed as if it might rain at any minute, but on the return leg the sun was shining brightly.  It did rain this afternoon, though, while Dr. K and I were in Walgreens getting our flu shots.  Early this morning Dr. K was kind enough to go to the vet to pick up Becca's prescription of Rimadyl, and I've already given her the first dose.  She's already significantly better than yesterday when she could hardly put any weight on her left leg.  I took her into the arroyo alongside our house twice to do her business, and she was very happy to get outside.
This and the next 3:  scenes from the rock quarry

The distant Organ Mountains


Flank of Tortugas coming into view

West face of the Organ Mountains

Tortugas Mountain's flank and the Organs

Looking north

This and the next:  partial rainbow over the Doña Ana Mountains

Hiking the high trail along the mountain's northern flank

Doña Ana Mountains again

Picacho Peak

Tall yucca

From the same spot:  looking east and . . .

. . . looking west

On Tortugas, sighting the Organs

Intersecting slopes

I think I prefer this image over the next

The top of Tortugas is up there somewhere

Crow carrying a round something

Still has it

To the west

Back toward the Organs


Flowers in shadow

Just how steep is Tortugas's northern face?

Heading back

This trail is a real roller coaster

Closer view of those yuccas

Guess it's a yucca morning

The trail back

Still headed back

That's the same crow with the round whatever

One last look at the Organs

15 vehicles (including mine) when I started down

The trail up

Tortugas Mountain icon near the Sunset Area ramada
Bridge across a rugged arroyo near the west side ramada

Becca in the arroyo next to our house

Out for a little fresh air

The boulders succumbing to the elements

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gloomy Morn

It almost seemed like rain at the start of our trek
Doppler Dave, the meteorologist on KVIA TV (El Paso), said we'd have some cloud cover this morning, but I didn't expect it would be quite as heavy as it was when Becca and I headed out for our daily trek.  The best the sun could do for the entire hike was a bit of weakly filtered light that wasn't strong enough to warm the chilled air (51F).  At least we weren't warm during our explorations.  This afternoon when I took Becca outside to do her midday business she seemed to pull a muscle, holding up her left front leg and then limping on it fairly badly.  We'll have to see how quickly she recovers, but I'm already planning on hiking without her tomorrow.  Drat.
Not to worry, it wasn't a snake

What do I see over yonder?

Sun rising through substantial cloud cover

Sol doing its best to shed a little light

The sun never really broke through the clouds during our hike

Ocotillo blossoms

A little closer look

Closer still

Arroyo behind the line worker grounds

Sun through an old Soaptree Yucca

A young Soaptree Yucca

Closeup of the leaves

Send in the clones (Barrel Cactus)

Ready to reproduce (Climbing Milkweed)

Bushwhack or Not to Bushwhack

1st 2:  this morning's moon Another morning doing our regular hike, this time with added distance; we bushwhacked out of the left branch...