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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


After a greatly abbreviated hike due to bad behavior (Heelers, not me) I left Willow and Frio at home while I went out to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument for a solo trek.

I took the northern-most trail from the entrance sign and hiked all the way up to the junction with the lower Sierra Vista Trail; 50 minutes out and 45 minutes in at a brisk pace.  Took a lot of energy out of me, but it was a good outing.

Only ran into three people during the trek, and all were mountain bikers.

This & next:  same Barrel Cactus

This & next:  Organ Mountains

Christmas Cactus

This & next 4:  Organ Mountains

Bevy of Barrels

This & next: Torrey Yuccas near junction w/ Sierra Vista Trail

Organ Mountains

"What are you doing in the national monument?"

More Barrel Cacti


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Just the Three of Us

Soaptree Yucca and the Organ Mountains
Dr. K's paw is still sore so Willow, Frio and I struck out on our own this morning, doing the same hike we've done often.  Although it was 37F the conditions weren't really cold; virtually cloudless sky, bright sunshine and no breeze all contributed to the pleasant weather.

The Heelers were off lead for at least two-thirds of the trek, and they were very well behaved.  Needless to say they got countless treats for their good comportment.

All three of us enjoyed our outing today.


Frio and Willow

In the right branch

This & next:  Organ Mountains X

Frio and Willow

Soaptree Yucca

Frio and Willow

Hill beside the right branch


Monday, November 28, 2022

Again With Two Friends

View from LDR-A arroyo
Because one of Dr. K's feet is hurting badly the Heelers and I did another threesome hike this morning.  Dr. K may have to consult a foot doctor about her aching paw.

Willow, Frio and I did the usual trek, and it felt quite cold when we started off:  35F with a chilly breeze.  For most of the outing clouds only permitted milky sunlight to shine through.

I did remove my gloves at about the midway point of the hike, which always makes taking photos and handing out treats much easier.

Tortugas and the Organs

Leafless Ocotillo

Hill west of the Organs

Frio and Willow

Soaptree Yucca leaves fencing

Willow and Frio

Sinuous hills and mountain

The long view of Tortugas and the Organs


Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Rare Sunday Solo (Con Amigos)

First 2:  views of Tortugas and the Organs
Dr. K went shopping this morning--the second such Sunday trip in two weeks--so the Heelers and I were on our own during the daily trek.  We hiked our normal route, and Frio and Willow were quite well behaved during the outing.

Several times during the excursion the pups were alerted by something in the desert (a jackrabbit, perhaps) and I had to command them to come back to me; they did so somewhat begrudgingly, but they did comply.

The three of us had a good time while getting in some necessary exercise today.

Mountain X

Barrel Cactus with fruit

Torrey Yuccas

This & next:  Frio and Willow

Two-headed cattle dog

This & next:  hill west of the Organs (1st w/watercolor filter)

Dead tree

Distant view of Tortugas and the Organs

Looking down the right branch


Saturday, November 26, 2022

At It Altra Volta

First 3:  approaching the Organ Mountains
Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I were able to do our regular hike this morning.  Although it was a bit chilly at the start conditions warmed significantly during the outing.  Brilliant sunshine and the absence of wind were significant factors in creating pleasant conditions.

We had the Heelers off lead for a major portion of the trek, and they were absolutely well behaved.  Many treats were dispensed due to their excellent comportment.

After the hike we took a long ride around various neighborhoods to check out the environs.  A good time was had by all.

This & next:  Willow and Frio

Actually a single Soaptree Yucca

Hills west of the Organ Mountains

Tortugas Mountain Observatory

Barrel Cactus


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