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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Cloudy, Windy, Cold

Headed down LDR-A
Although it was about 12 degrees above zero when we set off this morning it felt freezing out there during the hike; the culprits:  clouds and strong wind.

Despite the poor weather conditions we did our usual hike during which we spotted no other nature enthusiasts.  Not surprising considering the cold.

Frio and Willow didn't seem to mind the inclement weather, often leading us along the trails while sniffing, peeing and even pooping at times.

Looking back at the way we just came

Ocotillo sky

This & next:  obviously the same Soaptree Yucca

Particularly prickly Prickly Pear

Mountain tops

Soaptree Yuccas and the cloudy Organ Mountains

Crown Dancer yucca

Heelers leading the way



This & next:  Tortugas and the Organs

This & next:  Tortugas and the Organs


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Even with Wind, Warmer

Early morning moon
It was warmer when we got started this morning so the wind that was blowing didn't affect us as much.

We did our normal route, spotting no other nature lovers during the trek.  I kept an eye out for our coyote buddy, but we didn't see him.  We did see a coyote in the arroyo beside our property when we were headed out for the hike, and I wondered, no doubt erroneously, if it could be the same one we keep spotting out in the desert.

Frio and Willow were very well behaved off lead today even though they were full of pee and vinegar.

Soaptree Yucca and the mountains

View to the southwest

Barrel cactus fruit

Inside of a piece of dead yucca

Willow and Frio

Hill and mountain

Experiment with a really pale moon

Experiment with a dead tree trunk


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Sunny and Cold

East to the Organ Mountains
Despite the sunshine it felt cold out there this morning primarily due to the wind; it blew quite briskly while we descended LDR-A arroyo.  We got a slight break from it when we headed toward the Organs on the east/west cross trail and ascended the left branch arroyo, but it picked up again after that.

Two-thirds of the way up the left branch I spotted the Trickster on the ridge to the east of us; I think it's the same coyote we've seen before--always on the ridgeline, always watching us curiously.  Frio and Willow never saw their wild cousin as they were positioned behind the ancient Soaptree Yucca and the critter had dropped down off the ridge by the time we got going again.

I find myself feeling sorry for the lone coyote, hoping he's got some companionship in life.

Tortugas and the Organs

Willow in repose, Frio at the ready

This & next:  coyote watching us



No longer interested

Resting or waiting for prey?

The "O"s


Monday, November 27, 2023

A Bit Raw

Soaptree Yuccas, Ocotillos and underbrush
It felt colder when Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I set off on our morning hike today primarily due to the absence of sunshine; when the sun did make an appearance it disappeared almost immediately because of heavy cloud cover.

We did our normal route, but didn't pause long at any of our usual stops because of the cold; the slight breeze that picked up every once in a while contributed to our discomfort.

We were glad to get exercise out there today, but happy to get back to the warmth of the waiting CR-V afterward.

Picacho and environs

Tops of the Doña Ana Mountains

Tortugas Mountain Observatory

This & next:  Frio and Willow

Tortugas and the Organs on a bleak morning


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Five Above Freezing

1st 3:  Tortugas and the Organs
Quite cold this morning when Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I set off on our daily hike; wind and clouds made it feel even worse.

We lost the wind in the lower section of the LDR-A arroyo and into the upper reaches of the left branch and middle branch arroyos.  It picked up again as we ascended the right branch.

After our outing we drove over to our local Circle K to gas up the CR-V.  Since the university is not yet back in session the gas station was remarkably uncrowded.

Looking northwest at the Robledo Mountains

Morning sky over ocotillos

Organ Mountains

Barrel Cactus and the Mountains

The "O"s in LDR-A arroyo

East toward the Organs

Willow and Frio

Desert and Organs

This & next:  Frio and Willow


A Nice Bushwhack

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