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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trail Ride Detritus

Scott's Oriole
There was obviously an equestrian trail ride sometime yesterday because the entire single-track leading into the high foothills was littered with horse crap; difficult to step around on such a narrow trail.  It didn't ruin our hike even though it was rather annoying.  Fortunately--for whatever reason--Becca doesn't seem predisposed to inspect equine poop.
Always alert, even when relaxing

Soaptree Yuccas and Bishop Cap

New Mexico Evening Primrose

Prickly Pear blossoms (what color?)

Bent Soaptree Yucca flower stalk

Road back to Tortugas

Ocotillo flowers, but no leaves

Soaptree Yucca blossoms

Rolling hills

Becca and Marigold

Bees have no problem finding this pollen

Buds on a Cholla ready to flower

Flowering Cholla

Cholla flowers

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear Cactus


Friday, April 29, 2016

Extra-Long Week Ender

On the high foothills trail
Becca and I did a very long trek about two-thirds around Tortugas Mountain this morning looking for blossoms to photograph (me) and critters to spy (Becca and me).  We saw plenty of the former and a few of the latter--mostly packrats, jackrabbits and birds.  I was hoping we'd spot a coyote or two, but no such luck.  We saw a couple of other outdoor enthusiasts near the mountain--men and women hiking and jogging--but there weren't any people in the outback where Becca and I were exploring.
Soaptree Yuccas west of Tortugas Mountain

Soaptree Yucca flowers

Prickly Pear blossoms

Prickly Pear flower

Chihuahuan Desert in bloom

Strawberry Pitaya behind Tortugas Mountain

Far west of the mountain

Rock pollinator

Mesquite Tree flowers

Day at the beach

Desert Broom and Creosote

Yucca with new stalks

Still dusty from yesterday's winds

Best hiking companion

Multi-hued Prickly Pear flowers

New Mexico Evening Primrose

Flower girl

Strawberry Pitaya and Prickly Pear pad

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Bit Summerish

Cane Cholla
It was feeling very much like the advent of summer in the northern Chihuahuan Desert when Becca and I got a rude reminder that we're still in springtime:  the leading edge of strong winds that will plague us the rest of the day.  We weren't exactly battered by high gusts, but certainly we were pummeled at times.  The wind is supposed to get bad starting around 5 p.m. and lasting through much of the night.  I always hate when the wind howls at night because it makes sound sleep a difficult prospect.  Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
Different-colored flowers on the same Prickly Pear Cactus

Orange or tangerine in color?

Bee-for-all in a Prickly Pear flower


I'm not sure what this clear legume is

Hierba del cenizo (Plumed Crinklemat)

Wooly Paperflowers

New Mexico Evening Primrose

Sandy break

Soaptree Yucca (Bishop Cap on the horizon)

Prickly Pear blossoms

What a target

An Oriole (perhaps Scott's) partaking of an Ocotillo flower

Becoming one with the flower

Tarantula Hawk (largest American wasp)

Not a leaf, but a butterfly

Desert Blister Beetle

Nearly heart-shaped pad

Chihuahuan Flax

Prickly Pear and Pitaya

Strawberry Pitaya Cactus

Vibrant color of the Strawberry Pitaya

Lenticular cloud:  sign of high winds aloft

Desert Life

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