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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Grand View--Not

Early morning moon
A man and woman were just starting down the Bridal Veil Falls Trail when we rolled into the Grand View Trail parking lot.  The lot was empty, but two vehicles were parked along Fresno Canyon Road.

We soon learned during our hike that at least three residents (man and two dogs) from one vehicle were sitting inside the New Mexico Rails-to-Trails midway ramada.  Because the trail is so narrow there we decided to turn back and explore an area off trail that we've trekked through before.

It was a good move because we got to see places we've not seen in a long while and we were able to avoid any human/canine encounters when we headed back to our CR-V in the parking lot.

Not haze, but smoke from western Canada wildfires

Canadian wildfire smoke clouds the Grand View


Cliff hedgehog

This & next:  views from the trail

This & next:  cliff hedgehog

Willow on the long grass run

Don't see grass like this in the low desert

One of the few places up here where ocotillos grow

Heading back

Apache Plume

Lots of wildfire smoke

Cliff ledge with cacti

Dr. K with Willow

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Desert and Mountains

Rain coursed through LDR-A arroyo
It was just Willow and me on the hike this morning; Dr. K stayed at home to finish packing for our trip to the high country where we are now.

The rain obviously fell hard on the desert where we trekked; all the arroyos had been running, things looked greener, and the Red Velvet Mites were out and about everywhere.

Unfortunately the ants were omnipresent as well, and poor Willow got bitten on her left front paw.  We had to give her a Benedryl when we got back.

Red Velvet Mites (Trombidiidae) were out and about

Rain brought out more barrel cactus buds


Monday, July 22, 2024

Rain and More Rain

1st 3:  cloudy Organs
Sprinkling a bit this morning before we took off on the daily trek.  We didn't get rained on, but we got humidified.  Looks like chances for more precip are pretty good this afternoon.

Did our usual hike.  The only critter we saw was a jackrabbit exiting right branch arroyo just as we approached.  I tried to get a good photo, but to no avail.


We need even more tain

Yuccas on hill west of the Organs

The Lone Soaptree on 4210 hill

More rain please

Prickly Pear pears

Willow and Dr. K coming up the right branch arroyo


Tortugas and the Organs

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sunday Special

On the horizon:  Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas
We had a lot of rain yesterday early evening and night; we even had a few sprinkles this morning before we left on our hike.  Needless to say, it was humid as hell out there.

We had a good trek, though, stopping often for shade and water breaks.  We couldn't linger long in any one spot, however, because ants were out after the rain.

Drove over to our local Circle K to gas up Whitey the CR-V on our way home.  No riding around neighborhoods today because Dr. K had grocery shopping to do.

This & next:  Mourning Dove


Barrel Cactus buds

Prickly Pear pears

Clouds over the Organ Mountains


Willow in the shadow of one of her favorite yuccas

Last 2:  clouds over the Organ Mountains

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hot, Humid, Sunny, No Wind

Desert squid
Sun beat down on us while we were hiking this morning.  Followed our usual route.  Saw nobody else in the desert, not even the full-time residents.  Took a drive after our outing.

That's it--that's the blog post for today.

West of the Organs

1st barrel cactus bud we've seen


Dog photographed by man in yucca

Kiss my patootie

Pencil Cholla blooming

This & next:  backlit dragonfly

This & next:  bumper crop of prickly pear pears

Last 2:  somebody told me they were Black-eyed Susans

Grand View--Not

Early morning moon A man and woman were just starting down the Bridal Veil Falls Trail when we rolled into the Grand View Trail parking lot....