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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brutal Day

Becca, Dr. K and I had to abbreviate our morning hike on the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain because of relentless winds.

Clouds were whipping along above the mountain.

Rain was falling between here and the Franklin Mountains near El Paso.

As we started back for the parking lot the sky spit upon us.


Dr. K said...

It was hard to appreciate the beauty when it was so cold and windy.

Matthew said...

I was riding my bike up Granite Basin Road into a very cold headwind and my head began ACHING. Felt like I had put it into a vice. It was a classic 'Winnipeg' head ache. I was wondering if my brain stem might explode. Meanwhile, my body core (stomach to shoulders) was cascading sweat from the steep climb.

Dr. K said...

Winnipeg in March was cold and bleak--except that some people were wearing shorts as if it were spring. It's all relative.

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