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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Vegas Christmas

Gondola rides near The Venetian
Dr. K and I took a break and spent Christmas in Las Vegas, where we did a little sightseeing and took in the show "The Jersey Boys."  Can't say what else we did because "What happens in Vegas . . . ."
The theater where we saw the Jersey Boys

Dr. K relaxes in her suite at The Venetian

Ceiling in The Venetian

The Venetian's marble hallway

Near the Venezia Garden in The Venetian

The main lobby of The Venetian

Typical Italian scene--in Las Vegas

Where we stayed in Vegas

The Mirage

Statues in Ceasar's Palace

Spectacular Forum Shops area of Ceasar's Palace


Dr. K said...

It was a great show and beautiful hote.

Dr. K said...

I meant hotel

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