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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Post Storm Hike

There was still snow clinging to the desert floor this morning, but much of it had melted away.  The mountains are quite frosty, but the sun will take care of that soon.  We were the only hearty souls out there this morning, but I imagine more people will get out on the mountain as soon as temperatures heat up.  When Becca and I hit the trail it was 16 degrees F.


Dr. K said...

In the desert the snow just melts--it doesn't get dirty and slushy like it does in other parts of the country.

Scott said...

Man... Overnight, we finally got seasonal temperatures here on the East Coast Piedmont: high of 45F today, and low around 30F tonight. We'd had several days of temperatures in the 60s leading up to the chill. It rained like crazy here yesterday, too--the streams are all flooded. There was a chance it would end with a few wet flakes, but fortunately it just stopped raining before it got too cold. Every drop of rain adds to our record precipitation year.

packrat said...

Scott: You guys are having record precip, and we're still in an extended drought. Go figure.

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