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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Trek

Sunny, but chilly
A stiff wind made it quite chilly on the trail this morning despite a lot of sunshine.  However, we weren't the only ones treking on the mountain today.  We had an encounter with a woman whose dog was overly-exuberant about making friends--to the point of getting Becca's hackles up.  We humans were able to calm things down, though, and we all went on our merry ways afterward.
Mysterious shiny object in the Organs

Becca relaxing after the hike


Dr. K said...

Becca can be very suspicious of other dogs.

Scott said...

Is the property on/around Tortugas Mountain BLM land? We use the same Carsonite fiberglass trail markers here.

packrat said...

Scott: The area around Tortugas Mountain is jointly owned by the BLM and New Mexico State University. Of course, the mountain is sacred to the Native American people of the Tortugas pueblo.

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