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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Cold Wind

It was bright and sunny this morning, but the forceful wind made it chilly. For some reason, Becca looks especially noble in this photo.

The southeastern flank of Tortugas Mountain is evident in this pic.

The distant Portrillo Mountains.

Heading east toward the Organs.

One of the many dirt roads near Tortugas, the Portrillo Mountains barely visible on the western horizon.


Dr. K said...

You have a road motif in this entry--where will the road take you?

Matthew said...

The long and winding road. I'd love to ride my mountain bike there...for hours and hours. Becca is indeed noble. El Cid. Or La Cid.

Dr. K said...

There are a lot of mountain bikers who ride these trails. Great exercise and a lot of fun. At least it looks that way.

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