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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sierra Vista Trail

Tortugas Mountain from the Sierra Vista Trail head
The Sierra Vista Trail is a high desert trail that stretches from Soledad Canyon Road east of Las Cruces all the way to the Franklin Mountains near El Paso, Texas.  It trends to the south along the upper foothills on the west side of the Organ Mountains.  Once you are away from nearby urban areas it is not uncommon to encounter wildlife:  mule deer, coyotes, foxes and rabbits.  This morning we saw only one other hiker, a man with his two dogs:  a German Shorthair Pointer and a Vizsla.  Becca and the other canines were very respectful of one another.
The rugged Organ Mountains

The area near Achenbach Canyon from the Sierra Vista Trail

Hiker dog on the trail

High desert and the Organ Mountains

Utility road through the desert

Near the trail head at Soledad Canyon Road

The high Chihuahuan Desert


Dr. K said...

It was good to be on this trail again.

Scott said...

When Kali and I visited Las Cruces last January, we hiked the Baylor Pass Trail from Aguirre Springs to the top of Baylor Pass and back. Nice views east and west from the saddle.

packrat said...

Dr. K and I have done the Baylor Pass Trail many a time, Scott. It would have been nice to have done it with you and Kali.

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