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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Like That Day

Fallen Yucca trunk (left)
Had to shorten the hike significantly this morning because Becca had a vet appointment.  She had a red bump on her tongue that compelled her to keep flicking her tongue out like a lizard.  At the vet's, while I held Becca's mouth open, Dr. Thompson squeezed the bump between her two thumb nails and, voila, out came a cactus spike, about a quarter-inch long.  Yikes!  Becca hasn't done her lizard impression since.

Dog on lead

Dog off lead

The steep western flank of Tortugas Mountain

Continental drift


Caroline said...

That must have been painful for Becca! I'm glad she's doing OK, and has stopped her lizard imitation.

Dr. K said...

I'm relieved that it wasn't any more serious than a thorn.

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