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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Before the Heatwave

West down the single-track
It was pretty cold again (37F) this morning when Becca and I hit the trail west of Tortugas Mountain; surprisingly, though it's spring break for NMSU, there were hardly any people out and about.  That was true for when we returned, too.  I suppose other, more exotic, locales have a bigger draw than our section of the northern Chihuahuan Desert.  Just as well.  We did a normal trek today because I had to go to Target and Albertsons for the weekly shopping errand.  Both stores were crowded with parents and young children, the latter of whom obviously have a week free of school.
Big, four-headed monster

Soaptree Yuccas

Soaptree Yuccas with stalks

Heading south along the outer loop road

Soaptree Yucca (front) and a Torrey Yucca

Prickly Pear angel

Almost in bloom

Look closely and you'll see small red flower buds

High-altitude cactus garden

Not long now

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I love that Spring is coming soon. I can't wait for the prickly pear to start blossoming.

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