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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Grand Morning on the Grand View

Early morning, Sacramento Mountains

Looking south from our property
Dr. K, Becca and I got a little later start on the Grand View Trail this morning, but it didn't matter because we ran into nobody.  We heard some dogs barking when we just started off, though we never saw them.  It was a beautiful morning--not quite 50F--with sunshine and a light breeze.  We stopped a few times for water, but never really took a break during a near-90-minute trek.  The Grand View Trail, though relatively short, is one of our favorite hiking spots in the Lincoln National Forest near High Rolls.
The area around High Rolls/Mountain Park

Keeping an eye out for her buddies

This and the next:  young Field Sparrow?

Field Sparrow?

Chipmunk on our fence post

Chipmunks are fun to watch

It was watching us, too

Probably a Gray-footed Chipmunk (Tamia canipes)

Becca listening to dogs barking nearby

The way we've just come

Sign alongside the Grand View Trail

Sacramento Mountains near High Rolls

Junipers on a cliff

Hedgehog Cactus on a cliff

Closer look at the Hedgehog Cactus

Not sure why I posted a similar shot of the cactus

Dr. K and Becca:  my two best hiking companions

Guess what we did here around noon

View from the Grand View

In the far distance, at the base of the San Andres Mountains, White Sands

Pick a cloud

Cactus in rock

Can't decide which image I like best

Barberry leafing out

Leader of the pack

Interesting clouds

Interesting assortment of greens

Have yet to ID this caterpillar

Two views of the same dead tree

Closer look

I suppose this is a Robin

Obviously the same individual

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos, Packrat. I especially like the photos of the sparrow in the sunshine.

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