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Friday, May 28, 2021

Hot Out There

First 4:  probably a Western Kingbird
We're headed for a high of 96F today, and it almost felt all the way there this morning when Willow, Frio and I set off on our daily trek.

We hiked up to Second Arroyo, went in for a brief shade and water break, and then turned around and went back.

One interesting encounter on the inbound leg involved me daydreaming while the Heelers led the way.  Fortunately I had their leads locked so they couldn't take off running, and it was a good decision on my part.  When I felt Willow straining forward I followed her gaze, and there, not ten feet away, sat a large Black-tailed Jackrabbit who didn't at all seem inclined to flee.

When Frio saw the jack he began to pull, but I simply backed up the trail, which forced the dogs to back up as well.  Mr. Black-tail then deigned to move another ten feet or so into the desert, which allowed us to pass without incident.  We all could see him grinning our way, flipping us the paw as we went by.

Willow and Frio in Second Arroyo


Mesquite flowers

How hot is it?

Crazy hot!


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Great photos of Frio and Willow. That was one very brazen jackrabbit.

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