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Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to Tortugas

Flower stalk of the Soaptree Yucca
Becca and I tooled around the west side of Tortugas Mountain this morning, baking in the heatwave gripping our region.  We're in the 90s already--far too hot for this time of year.  The heat will continue through the week.  After our hike I went to buy cooler pads for our evaporative cooler, then mounted our roof to get the darned thing running.  Although I overhauled it completely, right now it doesn't feel as if the pads are getting enough water.  I'll have to check tomorrow since it's too hot to go up there now.

Dig those crazy filaments

Soaptree Yucca flower stalk in front of Tortugas

Resting in the shadow of a Yucca

Torrey Yucca fruit

The flaming flowers of the Ocotillo


Dr. K said...

Even in a drought, there are still lots of cacti and flowers blooming.

Scott said...

...reconsidering Las Cruces as a retirement home right now (90 degrees in late April)!

packrat said...

But it's a "dry" heat, Scott.


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