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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Fleeting Feeling

Dirty dog
For a brief moment this morning, after we had just set off on the foothills trail around Tortugas, I experienced a sense of pure happiness.  The air was slightly moist with humidity, but any sense of discomfort was ameliorated by an almost-stiff breeze.  These two elements, brushing across my face simultaneously, generated a fleeting feeling of well-being unattached to any other reality in life.  The memory of that sensation was long gone by the time our lovely Becca lit out after a Jackrabbit, a crime for which she spent the second half of the hike on the lead.
Out from the mountain

Scott's Oriole

Singing its head off with a beautiful song

Ocotillos all leafed out

Yucca flowers and distant Bishop's Cap

Becca and the vast desert

Claret Cup flower


Scott said...

That Scott's Oriole (nice images) would be a life-lister for me!

Dr. K said...

What beautiful photos of the oriole. Spring is here.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. The yellow on your namesake oriole is so brilliant it really sticks out in the desert.

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