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Thursday, April 26, 2012

In and Out Before the Wind

Squiggly section of the foothills trail
Becca and I were fortunate this morning; we got in a long hike before the worst of the wind started.  Now (afternoon) the wind is gusting 30 to 40 mph, with predictions of gusts to 50 mph.  Not only were we lucky regarding the wind, but the morning was primarily overcast, so it almost felt cool out there, the sun only poking through momentarily every once in a while.  How about those Strawberry Pitaya flowers?  To me they are the most beautiful cactus blossoms in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Strawberry Pitaya flower

The trail around Tortugas

The way around the mountain

Ocotillos and the Organ Mountains

Flame-red Ocotillo flowers

Pincushion Cactus

Stawberry Pitaya Cactus blossoms

More Stawberry Pitaya flowers

Red fruit on fuzzy flower (?)

Trusty hiking companion


Scott said...

I love the "Ocotillos and Organs" image. Are you sure you didn't enhance the saturation (maybe even a little bit) on those Strawberry Pitaya flower images? They're fabulous!

Dr. K said...

Scott is right--the color of those strawberry pitayas are incredible.

packrat said...

Scott: No computer enhancement on those Strawberry Pitaya flowers. They are spectacular sans electronic help.

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