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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Changeover Day

This Torrey Yucca has nearly returned to the earth
The Heelers were absolutely unruly this morning, picking up various scents and trying to rip my arms out of their sockets in hopes of finding the scent producers.
When we came face-to-face with a young guy and girl running along the southernmost east/west dirt road both Frio and Willow acted as if the runners were long-lost pals, both Heelers pulling to get to them, Willow whimpering, Frio nearly standing on his back legs.  After that it was a matter of keeping both dogs in line as we headed back to our CR-V at the end of the long dirt road.

The best part of the morning trek was running into our pal Jimmy who went out of his way to meet us near our vehicle.  Frio barked incessantly at Jimmy until I permitted the two Heelers to rush over to greet him.  After that encounter Frio was as well behaved as Willow.  Jimmy and I talked for fifteen or twenty minutes before going our separate ways.  For me one of the drawbacks to this coronavirus crisis we're all having to endure is not seeing Jimmy frequently on and about Tortugas Mountain.

When I got home I had to get up on the roof to fire up our evaporative cooler for the coming hot months of spring, summer and fall.  That's always a blast, but everything went according to plan.
Coffee jar lid; how'd you like a cup of that Joe?

The long unwinding road

Long-dead Ocotillo

Ocotillo buds

Is Frio sticking his tongue out at me?

Twin-leaf Senna

This and the next:  more Ocotillo buds


This and the last:  same Ocotillo buds and flowers

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

You've really captured the brilliant red-orange color of the ocotillo buds. Beautiful photos.

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