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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Fun

This small Ocotillo must believe it's autumn
Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I did a long hike west of Tortugas Mountain this morning, departing from the dirt pullout just off of Tellbrook.  We did a lot of bushwhacking and a lot of trekking on dirt roads.  We saw a few other outdoor enthusiasts on the roads and even encountered two women hikers on the southernmost dirt road.

We're under a Red Flag Warning for high winds today, but, fortunately, we eluded their start, even wishing at times for a little breeze during our trek because things began to heat up significantly toward the end of our outing.
White Tackstem

Scarlet Hedgehog

Trailing Four O'Clock

This and the next:  Torrey Yucca

Ocotillos budding out

This and the next:  male Scott's Orioles in a yucca


The Torrey Yucca in which the Scott's Orioles were found

A lot of male serenading going on; courting ritual?

This and the next 2:  Frio on top, Willow lying down

This and the next:  Scarlet Hedgehog

This and the next 3:  Turkey Vulture checking us out

Heelers on break in an arroyo

Scarlet Hedgehog

Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Texas Skeleton Plant?  (Lygodesmia texana)

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Excellent photos of the plants and critters. I'm especially partial to the photos of our handsome Heelers.

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