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Thursday, April 2, 2020

It's Getting Better

Exploring a desert wash
Set off this morning with one goal in mind:  to take an extra long hike to the spot in the western foothills of Tortugas Mountain where a huge (3' X 3') Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus grows.  I've been visiting this hedgehog for years, coming every spring to see its display of fiery red blossoms.  It didn't disappoint today, but I've seen it much more splendiferous in the past.

The Heelers were really well behaved during our outing, though at one point I was thankful I didn't have them off lead.  We flushed a Desert Cottontail out of a bush no more than three feet in front of Willow, and both she and Frio put a real strain on the retractable leashes as they lunged forward.  That gave me pause for thought, though I did let them off lead several times afterwards, but mainly when we stopped for drinks of water.  One thing that more or less guarantees the good behavior of the Heelers:  seeing no other dogs in the desert.

Even though we stayed hydrated during our morning trek, all three of us were glad to get back to Whitey the CR-V at hike's end.  Temperatures have risen over the past few days; we're headed for 80F this afternoon.
Soaptree and Creosote

Soaptree Yucca stalk

Tortugas and the Organs

All red cactus flowers are Claret Cups (Dry Brush filter on this one only)

This and the next:  Scott's Oriole

Frio and Willow on the long dirt road

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Dr. K said...

That's an amazing Hedgehog Cactus. Nice photos!

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