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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cold, Cold Rain

Potrillo Mountains west of Las Cruces
Becca and I didn't get soaked this morning, but we did get wet in a very cold rain.  What else can you expect on a winter's day.  (Almost slipped into a refrain of "California Dreamin'" there.)  The sun did break through the clouds a few times, but it's been raining again this afternoon.  We had a good hike, nonetheless, only running into one other hiker--the elderly engineer and his elderly Lab.
Stormy sky

Canine compass

Rain over the Organ Mountains

Storm over the Franklin Mountains near El Paso

Chihuahuan Desert sky

Tortugas Mountain observatory

Dynamic weather


Scott said...

The first image would be otherworldly if it weren't for the utility poles. Good job.

You're more intrepid than I; if the weather threatened like it appears to be doing in your images, I'd have stayed indoors.

Dr. K said...

I would stay indoors, too.

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