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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mission: Find the Lost Glove

The left glove
Yesterday I managed to lose the right glove from my pair of Outdoor Research underliners.  The last I saw the glove it was in the right pocket of my anorak, which I stuffed into my daypack at the end of our hike.  The glove was not in the car, nor in the pack, so we set out this morning to retrace our tracks in order to find the missing glove.  I put my trusty glovehound, Becca, on the job.  But, alas, at the end of our hike today we still hadn't found the missing hand warmer.  Guess I'll order another pair.  Drat!
Taking the scent

The hunt is on

Becca finds a pair of socks--not a glove

Becca finds a washcloth--not a glove


Dr. K said...

This is funny. She's a good hound dog.

Scott said...

I LOVE "taking the scent"! Isn't losing half a pair a real drag? Our lost-and-found at the office has so many half-pairs; we end up throwing them out at the end of the winter.

packrat said...

That's really funny, Scott! I suppose pairing those lost gloves up would be the equivalent of wearing socks that don't match.:)

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