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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post Fog

Western slope of Tortugas Mountain
We did a nice hike this morning around Tortugas, and we were able to see where we were going--unlike yesterday when there was ample fog.  (Ample fog?)  We ran into a guy who we've seen out there fairly often, an elderly gentleman who walks with a limp.  He carries two hiking poles to maintain balance.  He has an older black Lab.  When he made me guess the Lab's age, I said, "Ten."  He said, "In two months he'll be fourteen."  Nice to see an elderly dog still getting out and about.
Part of the City of the Crosses (NM Farm & Ranch Museum in foreground)

Star of the blog

Celestial beauty above Tortoise Mountain

Still snowy Organ Mountains

Blog star


Dr. K said...

Nice to see people of all ages (and dogs of all ages) enjoying themselves.

Tonia said...

Lovely, Rob

Scott said...

Apropos nothing in this post, I wanted to thank you for turning me on to Joseph Wood Krutch's "The Desert Year." I borrowed it from the library and read the book during the holidays. Though the language is a little bit stilted to our ears (I'm amazed how quickly writing styles can change in a relatively short period of time--it's only been 60 years since the book was published), his take on the desert matches mine exactly. In addition, I found it very interesting to read another person's laments about overpopulation and sprawl written 60 years ago; even then he could see the effect of unbridled encroachment on the natural world and, of course, it has only gotten so much worse since then, and not just in the desert. Keep offering reading suggestions if they're as good as Krutch; I appreciate them!

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