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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crowded Mountain

Tall Ocotillos in the Tortugas Mountains foothills
There were a lot of weekend recreationalists out on the mountain today, despite high temps and high humidity.  What we had going for us today, though, was a nice stiff breeze that provided good evaporative cooling.  We did a long hike into the outback, where we ran into one dedicated woman jogger.  Other than her we saw no one else deep in the desert.
Growing right out of the rocks

Hundreds of Ocotillos growing along Tortugas's western flank

Becca's favorite shady Yucca

Tarantula hole

Looking at the southwestern flank of Tortugas Mountain


Scott said...

The foothills of Tortugas look like they're "bristling" in your third image, Packrat.

How come Becca's on a lead in your images now? I thought that the fact that she could walk off-lead around Tortugas was one of the reasons you usually walk there.

packrat said...

Hi Scott:

I tend to keep Becca on lead when we're in the height of rattlesnake season, and as we just ran into a doozy a few days back (picture posted)I'm being a little overly-cautious with the pooch.

Dr. K said...

That tarantula hole looks pretty big.

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