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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gracias al Viento

Out of the foothills
Thanks to the wind the temperature was bearable on Tortugas Mountain this morning.  Otherwise it would have been brutal out there.  We're headed for 102 F. today, and, despite the "it's a dry heat" addage, it feels pretty hot. We saw a few joggers in the desert, one the blonde athlete who looks as if she could easily run a marathon.  This woman and Becca have been slightly leery of one another in the past, but they crossed paths this morning with nary a suspicious glance.

Early break

Down from the mountain

Dog on a hot dirt road

Bishop's Cap

Looking back toward Tortugas

Dry-brushed Becca

Becca and the forest of Ocotillos


Dr. K said...

I like the photo of Becca and the ocotillos.

Scott said...

Image 4: HOT dog on a hot dirt road.

We here in the Mid-Atlantic are headed for the mid-90s the weekend, with the added benefit of wet-blanket humidity!

packrat said...


One year in August I went back to visit my mother when she was still living in Youngstown,Ohio, and the temperature was in the mid-90s with 90% humidity. As we were walking along in the Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park the sweat was literally pouring out of my arms. After living in the desert Southwest for so many years, I couldn't imagine how I'd ever made it through those steamy summers in Ohio.

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