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Monday, February 10, 2014

Slightly Overcast Morn

A small Loggerhead Shrike
It was already warm in the desert this morning despite the slight overcast.  We're supposed to hit 74 F today, and it seems as if we'll hit the mark.  Tomorrow's high is predicted to be in the mid-50s--a drop of twenty degrees.  We hiked about three-fifths of the inner loop trail with JC and Shaque, and Mr. Shaque didn't seem quite up to snuff, though he did seem to get into it a bit more the further we went along the path.
Sun on Creosote Bushes

A small Barrel Cactus (1 1/2') and a Prickly Pear with partially-eaten pads


Dr. K said...

The last photo has a pinkish tint to it that's very striking.

packrat said...

The tint, I believe, comes from the Purple Prickly Pear, Dr. K.


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