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Monday, February 24, 2014

Yet Another Public Hearing

Small flags mark the route for a weekend event, flags destined to stay up
When Becca and I were pulling into the dirt road leading to the Sunset Parking area we spotted the pink sign featured in the penultimate image here; it's announcing a public hearing on the nearly 16 acres of land adjacent to Tortugas Mountain.  The owners want it rezoned commercial (read McDonald's, Taco Bell, etcetera), and the Extra-Territorial Zoning Commission is having a public hearing on it, which is scheduled for March 6th.  I may attend, but Becca doesn't want to go.
Wind power, water power, solar power, electricity

Sinuous Tortoise

Public hearing on nearly 16 acres of land next to Tortugas Mountain

I've seen milling stones before, but never out here


Dr. K said...

Packrat, I hope you go to that hearing so that this beautiful desert can be preserved.

Scott said...

Is that really a millstone in your final image? Where might it have come from? If you hadn't said it was a millstone, I would have guessed that it was a heavy base to support some sort of temporary parking sign.

packrat said...

I'm not positive it is millstone, Scott, but the center mechanism is a fastening device of sorts, and the outer rim of the stone shows significant wear. There was a lot of mining activity here in the past, so I'm assuming it was used in some type of grinding procedure. Perhaps I should have called it a "grindstone."

packrat said...

Turns out the "millstone" is not a grinding stone after all. When I showed it to my friend, Jimmy, he stuck his hand in the center hole and discovered that the black area beneath the metal is actually black plastic. It may be, as Scott suggested, some kind of anchor for a sign, but Jimmy wondered if it came from the nearby experimental towers and had some other function as yet to be determined.

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