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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Errand Tuesday

Trekking through the high foothills
Without the sun shining brightly in a blue sky it was quite chilly when we started off this morning.  It hadn't warmed up much through three-fourths of our hike when we bumped into JC; we all walked back to the trailhead together.  On Tuesdays I always cut our outing a little short in order to do the weekly grocery shopping and other chores, from which I derive such pleasure.  At the vet yesterday Dr. Thompson gave Becca an oral antibiotic, an antibiotic ointment and some Valium, the latter to calm her down when she has to wear the Elizabethan collar to keep from licking her wound.
Chances of rain look pretty good

The edge of the Tortoise (left)

The start of something big?

Catching a scent

Overcast desert day

Single-track back

Waiting for a pokey human

Organ Mountains between leafless buggy whips


Dr. K said...

Is that an anthill that is either going to be built or that has been abandoned?

packrat said...

I think it's one under construction, Dr. K.

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