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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Frigid Temps

A familiar spot at the side of the mountain
It was 20 F when Becca and I started off on the trail alongside Tortugas Mountain.  The stiff breeze made for a freezing trek.  Fortunately I was dressed appropriately, though at times I had to press my gloved hand against my nose and mouth to warm the air I was breathing.  We met up with JC and hiked with him back to the trailhead; he, too, talked about how cold it felt out there.  The weather is predicted to get worse, with another cold front blowing through carrying freezing rain and snow.
Bleak sky

Cold as it looks

Tortugas (left), Organ Mountains (right)

Clouds rolling along the Organs

Cloudy and cold

At the end of the Crosscut Trail

Turning back toward Tortugas

Southwestern flank of the Tortoise


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Even though you were freezing, you still managed to get some beautiful photos, Packrat.

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