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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hunting Breakfast

Rough Menodora
I'm always happy to encounter a Greater Roadrunner on the hunt, as we did this morning west of Tortugas Mountain.  They're usually so focused on catching breakfast that they're unperturbed by man and dog in close proximity.  This guy (I'm assuming he was male) even ran directly at us in pursuit of a small lizard.  I countered Becca's impulse to chase the bird by giving her a "stay" command, and Mr. Roadrunner was not bothered in the least by Becca's eager attitude.  After trying and failing to catch the lizard the Roadrunner left our vicinity in order to seek out other opportunities, but not before taking one last glance back at us through a bush.
In the early-morning shadow

Descending into the blazing sunlight

A look back at Tortugas

I almost couldn't see him at first either

Ah--there he is

A large Roadrunner on the hunt

Totally unruffled by our presence

A last look back at us

Looking up alongside a huge Ocotillo

Becca taking a break in said "huge Ocotillo" shadow

Fruit of the Pencil Cholla (so called because branches are #2 pencil size)

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Becca finds shade in even the thinnest cacti.

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