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Monday, August 29, 2016

In Search of the Unicorn

Dropping into the low desert
I knew from our hike the other day that the striking flowers of the Desert Unicorn Plant (aka "Devil's Claw") would be making an appearance soon, and this morning I went a bit out of our way to look for them.  I had no trouble finding them because they're blooming all over a sandy section of desert west of Tortugas Mountain not far off the outer loop road.  As I say in one of the photo captions the Unicorn Plant spreads by means of a claw-like structure that gets caught up in the fur of animals who then inadvertently carry the seeds to other parts of the desert.  It must be a pretty successful strategy because the hearty plans are growing abundantly in the Chihuahuan Desert.
One of two happy hikers this morning


About to cut through an arroyo on the Cross Cut Trail

Said arroyo

Ocotillo with a wide spread

Another Nipple Beehive Cactus with flower buds

North of the Organ Mountains, southern section of the Rockies

Desert Unicorn Plant

Unicorn Plant (aka "Yellow-flowered Devil's Claw)

Devil's Claw has a unique way of spreading its seeds

A claw-like segment attaches to wildlife to broadcast seeds

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Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the unicorn plant (I like that name).

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