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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Not Quite a Squall

The pot of gold is near a water tank
When Becca and I started off this morning I thought, "I think we'll make it without getting rained on."  A sixteenth of a mile in the rain began, a steady pelting drizzle that actually made me feel chilly for the first time in months.  It didn't let up until midway through our trek.  Although we didn't get soaked we were thoroughly damp.  For the second day in a row there was a beautiful, long-lasting rainbow above the western horizon.  After our hike we went home and finished packing for a trip to the high country, where we are now.
Huge arc of rainbow

The right side of the rainbow

Waiting while he snaps yet another pic

Long view of the Organs (left) and the Franklin Mountains

Still hanging on

White-winged Dove on an Ocotillo branch

Glorious cloud cover

The Castor and Pollux of Prickly Pears

Ghost mountains

The Organ Mountains have snagged a cloud

The road that leads around Tortugas

Observatory atop Tortuas (aka "A") Mountain (you can see the "A")

Becca is enjoying the cooler weather

The rolling Chihuahuan Desert


Dr. K said...

What a rainbow! Lovely.

Scott said...

Two rainbows in as many days! You must be living right, Packrat! Speaking of being chilly, I actually pulled a light blanket over me on Tuesday evening while I was sleeping; we had three heavenly low-humidity, low-temp (mid-60s at night), throw-open-all-the-windows days. Alas, they're coming to an end, though.

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