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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday's Lengthy Trek

Not as isolated as it looks
It had rained overnight, and it was raining again this morning when we got up.  It began to clear afterwards, and we decided we could get in a hike before the precipitation came again.  So Dr. K, Becca and I set off for the far side of Tortugas Mountain for a trek two-thirds around and back.  Along the way we had one interesting encounter with a woman runner who, seeing me taking photographs, said, "It's a good morning for photos."  Turning to continue her run she pulled up short, pointed to the rear flank of the mountain and said, "Do you see the Coyote?  There's a little one, too."  When I looked in the direction she was pointing all I could see were several Jackrabbits.  I said so.  She then realized she had mistaken the hares for Coyotes, something I have done before as well.  I told her so.  She didn't seem overly embarrassed, though, and that was good. 
Hiking south on the east side of Tortugas

Morning moon

Couldn't decide if I liked this one . . .

. . . or this one better

Watching La Luna dip in the west

Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas

About to disappear on this side of the mountain

But on this side of Tortugas the moon is visible once again

Becca doesn't care about the moon

Stormy sky

Looking south

Silverleaf Nighshade (aka "White Horse Nettle")

Dr. K and Becca

The trail begins to bend west

Behind Tortugas Mountain

Foothills trail behind the mountain

Rugged territory on the southern slope

Dr. K climbing to higher ground

Haven't identified this plant

Stingleaf flower beyond its prime

Stingleaf flower (Loasa family)

Organ Mountains from behind Tortugas


Barrel Cactus

Same Barrel

Waiting patiently while I take photos

Flank of Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Closer view

Positioning Torrey Yuccas to the right or . . .

. . . to the left

This view of the yuccas or . . .

. . . this?

Starting back after a long trek

40% chance of more rain today

Banana Yucca and Prickly Pear Cactus

Heading back around Tortugas the long way


Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos, Packrat. My favorites are the ones with different views of the moon.


Love the atmospheric, dramatic shots of the mountains.

packrat said...

Thanks, Jacqui. You do seem to like those mountains. :)

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