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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lucking Out

Dynamic weather in the mountains this morning
It started raining this morning just as we were getting ready to leave for a hike on the Grand View Trail.  Since we were departing the high country later to head back to Las Cruces we decided to pack up prior to our trek (we usually hike then return to pack) hoping the rain would let up.  It did.  We were able to get all of our belongings into the CRV without getting wet.  Then we made a beeline to the trailhead in hopes of doing the trail before the storms came again.  We did the entire hike rain free, then left from there for the low desert.  The chance of precipitation down here is 60%, all moisture courtesy of former tropical storm Javier.
Clouds spilling over the Sacramentos

The junipers and pinyon pines are benefiting from the moisture

The weather looks iffy that-a-way

Almost hiking in the clouds today

Misty scene

The White Sands National Monument is out there somewhere

Clouds mostly obscuring the mountains

Still on the outbound leg

Small pool of water in rock looks like ice

Wish you were here

Dark bands created by rain

Headed back now

White Sands from the Grand View Trail

A peak of the San Andres Mountains pokes through the cloud cover

No chance to bushwhack

Another day another trail


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The sky and landscape can look so different depending on the weather. It was beautiful on the trail this morning.

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