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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bushwhacking the Outback

Soaptree Yucca stalks highlighted by the sun
The outback I'm referring to is not the Australian one, of course, but rather the remote territory west of Tortugas Mountain here in the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert.  Becca and I hadn't been out there in a while so we did a long trek exploring arroyos this morning.  Always hope to see some desert denizens on our explorations, but we had no such luck this morning.  The only wild critters we saw were JC and Olivia whom we encountered on our way back in.  They both seemed in fine fettle.
Las Cruces and Picacho Peak (a lot different than yesterday)

Stopping briefly on Geothermal Road

Thorny situation

Exploring an arroyo far west of the mountain

It would take days to catalogue every critter footprint here

Ancient air filter

Headed upslope for a view

This is the view

Tortugas Mountain and the Organs

Doing some rugged bushwhacking

Long view west to the Potrillos

Mob of Torrey Yuccas

Headed back in

Slightly different perspective

Closing in on Tortugas

Making progress

Sunshine on my ears makes me happy

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Dr. K said...

The weather certainly was a lot nicer today--sunny and only a little wind--typical winter weather in the desert. That made your hike so much nice than the one you took yesterday.

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