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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gloomy Desert Day

10 feet from dog and human this Desert Cottontail stopped for a photo-op
Just as Becca and I were climbing out of the deep arroyo that runs parallel to Tortugas Mountain's west side we heard somebody call my name from behind.  It was our friend Raymond who was hurrying to catch up with us.  He said he had hoped to bump into us because he wanted to say goodbye; he's moving to Denver tomorrow.  We walked part way up the mountain together palavering as we often did whenever we encountered each other.  After parting ways I had a sense of sadness realizing I'd probably never see him again.
Organ Mountains (left) and the Franklin Mountain

Becca's looking back up the mountain road at our friend Raymond

A small arroyo runs across the road just beyond where Becca stands

Long look across the Chihuahuan Desert

Between the two distant mountain ranges:  El Paso del Norte

Skeletal Ocotillos

Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas

Gap in the Organ Mountains

Franklin Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's been a gloomy and chilly day here, but because it's so much worse in most other parts of the country, I feel lucky.

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