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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday Hike

Getting started near Soledad Rocks
Dr. K, Becca and I spent our Easter morning hiking the Sierra Vista Trail Norte in Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.  During a two-hour trek we had only four encounters with three human beings; we bumped into a mountain biker both coming and going, and the second time he wished us a Happy Easter.  We reciprocated, of course.  Before we reached Black Mountain a woman hiker came up fast behind us.  The first thing she said was, "I absolutely love your dog."  That was all Becca needed to hear in order to head over for some petting.  We talked briefly with the woman about dogs before she went on her merry way.  On our way back we saw a guy standing at the top of one of the smaller mountains, but we had no interaction.  At the parking lot a man who had just finished his hike waved to me as he was pulling out onto Soledad Canyon Road.  His license plate indicated he was from Pennsylvania--a long way from his home in the Keystone State.  I don't know about the other hikers, but Dr. K, Becca and I had a swell holiday hike in the national monument.
Small Barrel Cactus

Headed north

Soledad Rocks (front) Organ Mountains (behind)

Sun highlighting contrails

In the shadow of the rocks

Craggy face
Native American mortar hole

Mesquite beans were ground into flour here

Shadow and light

Rugged rocks

Yucca in bloom at Soledad Rocks

Yuccas in blossom

Contrail volcano

Moseying north


Looking back at the way we've just come

Organ Mountains in OMDPNM

Typical Chihuahuan Desert vista

Descending toward the lower desert

Becca having fun

A look backward

At the brink of a huge dropoff

Do I really want to go down there?

Not parallel

At the south rim of the barranca

That was some climb

We're headed that way

One last look back at the barranca
Straight shot across the hilly highlands

Wish this was Zinke's philosophy


I was hoping this Rainbow Hedgehog would be blooming

Mourning Dove on a boulder
Same Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)

Edge of Black Mountain

Almost back at the trailhead

Sierra Vista Trail Norte

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The weather was perfect for this Easter morning hike. How lucky we are.

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