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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shortening It Up

Flowers of the Mesquite Tree
Becca and I started off on the trail west of Tortugas Mountain this morning at 7:40, and we did a slightly shortened hike because I had to make my weekly shopping trip to Target and Albertsons, one of my favorite chores to run.  Had to be careful not to buy Romaine lettuce, so I opted for spinach, young kale and broccoli slaw.  All that has nothing to do with the hike Becca and I took in the rapidly warming desert.  We're supposed to hit 91F today, but a cold front is supposed to blow through overnight depressing tomorrow's high to 77F.  Hope so.  We'll be about 11 degrees above normal today.
Rugged area west of the mountain

Ocotillo blossoms

Becca on the new trail

Heading off obliquely

Longleaf Mormon Tea (Ephedra trifurca)

Longleaf Mormon Tea

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Those Mormon Tea flowers are so delicate and wispy.

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