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Monday, April 2, 2018

Rattlesnake Vaccination

Soon to be a flower stalk
Becca and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning trek west of Tortugas Mountain, but I felt sorry for her knowing how nervous she'd be later when I took her to the vet for her six-month rattlesnake vaccination.  As I've mentioned here before, going to the vet with Becca is not a happy experience.  And today, unfortunately, it was the most crowded I've ever seen it there.  Becca shook and drooled up a storm while we waited for the tech to fetch her for the shot.  When a young woman and young man finally did come for her Becca was in and out in less than five minutes.  She finally began to calm down on the ride home.  What an ordeal!
Moon and aliens

Striking across the high foothills trail

Bent flower stalk

Ocotillo flower buds

Yucca west of the mountains

Yucca and Tortugas Mountain


Yuccas beginning to flower all over the desert

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Closer look at the flowers

Closer still

Torrey Yucca on the west side of Tortugas

A bit closer in

The flowers from another perspective

Five-needle Fetid Marigold

Velvety Nerisyrenia

Three yuccas or . . .

. . . three-headed yucca?

Yuccas are blooming all over the mountainside

Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus) on yucca bayonet

♪ "Where-air-air-air-air is love?" ♪

More Claret Cup blossoms

Claret Cup flowers

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Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the blooming desert and the pyrrhuloxia, Packrat.

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