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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One-Sixteenth Mile

About a mile in
Becca and I took the short section of new trail this morning, heading in the opposite direction from yesterday.  It's so fresh that the dirt on it hasn't been tamped down at all; we did see a few boot prints and a mountain bike tire track.  And then just as we exited the western section a mountain biker passed us heading up, and he acted like he was using the trail for the first time.  My guess is that the new trail will become the normal route for bike and foot traffic, and that the university and trail alliance will allow the old section of single-track to revert as closely as possible to the natural desert environment.
Last night's heavy wind filled the air with dust

Small Mesquite Tree nearly all leafed out

Becca on the new trail

Further down the new trail

Twin towers

Claret Cups

Closeup of the one furthest left

West of the observatory on Tortugas Mountain

Damage from simulated bomb

Yucca flowers

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I'm eager to try out the new trail. It's good to see the university and/or the BLM taking care of this area.

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