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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Curious Coyote

Just starting out, looking south
Becca and I got a really early start on our morning outing today, choosing to hike the trail just west of Tortugas Mountain past the run-down white shack near the mountain road all the way to the new trail.  We followed the new trail to its intersection with the old single-track on the west side, and then dropped down into the lower desert.  At the junction with the outer loop road we headed north, crossed through the major arroyo, and then took the eastern branch up a very steep hill to the road that leads behind the Lineworker program grounds.  As soon as we got up the hill I spotted the coyote pictured below; amazingly Becca never saw the Trickster, moving forward while I snapped countless photos of Mr. Canis Latrans.  He was very curious about us, but as Becca moved further away the coyote and I stood staring at each other.  He was a fairly healthy specimen, perhaps a bit on the thin side, which meant, to me, that he was a young adult.  He wasn't at all spooked by us, probably especially so because Becca had advanced so far ahead he didn't feel threatened by her.  It was hard for me to believe that my dog--all eyes and nose--hadn't seen nor picked up a scent from her distant relative.

To the north

Looking west

Sky to the east

Potrillos in shadow

Becca loves this trail

Trail to the foothills

Another view across the Mesilla Valley

On the new trail

What's up there?

Picacho Peak and environs

Closer look at Picacho Peak

Puffy clouds

Jagged peaks

There's a dog in this photo

Outstanding clouds

Ocotillo and W.

Any Hollywood producers out there?

Long view of the Robledos

Looking toward the Pass of the North

Can you see the coyote in this photo?

This and the rest are of the same curious coyote we encountered this morning

Loggerhead Shrike

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Unknown said...

These are amazing photos of the coyote--some of the best I've ever seen, Packrat.

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